They are all available now in virtual mode!

Sports celebrities have glorious life paths that will inspire and motivate your guests!
The MVP Group offers several impactful speakers. They promote values and qualities such as endurance, collaboration, determination and self-confidence. There is a close parallel between these values and qualities required to reach the top in a sport discipline and success in business.

Topics covered :

  • Perseverance
  • The importance of having a plan
  • How to achieve your goals
  • Staying on top in a competitive world
  • Recovering from failure
  • Team spirit
  • Leadership
  • Stand out from the competition

Our Speakers : 

Steve Bégin    View profile

Patrice Bernier   View profile

Alexandre Bilodeau   View profile

Joël Bouchard View profile

Hassoun Camara    View profile

Patrick Côté   View profile

Sylvain Guimond View profile

Benoit Huot   View profile

Guy Lafleur   View profile

 Pierre Lavoie  View profile

Chantal Machabée   View profile

Kirk Muller   View profile

Joannie Rochette   View profile

Georges St-Pierre   

Michel Therrien   

Marie-Eve Dicaire  View profile

Gilbert Delorme   View profile

Mathieu Dandenault   View profile

Katerine Savard   View profile

Marianne St-Gelais   View profile

Bruno Heppell   View profile

Fares Chmait   View profile

Valérie Létourneau   View profile

Nathalie Lambert   View profile


Stéphane Quintal   View profile


Maxime Talbot   View profile

Bruno Gervais   View profile