At MVP Group, we can find you a star sports personality to optimize your advertising and public relations to solidify your brand's recognition and credibility. Whether it's for traditional marketing, social media, or the web, your brand ambassador will help increase awareness of your position in the marketplace. MVP Group helps companies identify professional athletes, Olympians, and sports celebrities who best match your brand values to represent you. A strategy for operating a partnership with an ambassador or spokesperson will be developed by our MVP Group consultants with you, based on your objectives, budget, target audience, and market. Our focus is to generate a return on your investment and increase your sales when you engage a sports star as an ambassador or spokesperson. 


A brand ambassador acts as a representative of your brand in the marketplace. Their role is to endorse your brand or product in an advertising and marketing strategy. Their notoriety and popularity will help your company shine to your potential customers. The ambassador contributes, through his image, to create an emotional connection between him, your brand and your customers. They are also determined to promote your company and personify your brand to their target clientele. Depending on your agreement, he will make himself available for video shoots, photos and create exclusive contests.  A social media content strategy will be developed with your marketing strategists and MVP Group consultants. 

To select the best athlete or sports celebrity as an ambassador, it is important to follow a few steps.

  • Research: At MVP Group, we will analyze your market, your products and services, and your vision in order to advise you in the choice of your ambassador. We are able to assist you in this and subsequent stages by studying your needs, objectives, and brand values with you in order to identify the best candidates in the global sports world to represent you. In all cases, a careful approach is essential to ensure an effective strategic partnership with your future ambassador. 
  • The choice: select ambassadors who will generate the most engagement and recognition. Also, be sure to focus on quality over quantity. An ambassador with a strong following and a large audience will generate beneficial results. Finally, the image of this person must correspond to the values of your company or brand. Whether it is a product or a service to be promoted in the market, it will be important to choose your star sports ambassador who naturally associates with your brand.
  • Marketing: whether you have one or many, your ambassadors will be part of your online or traditional marketing strategy. Together we will think about integrating them into your promotions or events, using their stories to benefit your business. A comprehensive strategy will have more impact by developing a credible story. At MVP Group, we can provide you with the advice you need to make the most of your partnership, based on your objectives, brand values, and the interests of your target audience. We also offer a variety of other services that can be added to your strategic partnership, such as media relations services by dedicating a press officer to you, creating video and photo content, and developing a narrative framework, commonly known as "storytelling.  The number one objective is to generate a return on your investment by making your brand and company shine through the collaboration with your ambassador.
  • Exclusivities: Stand out in the market with access to exclusivities related to your star ambassador that we can offer you. For example, we can organize a contest so that winners can meet your star ambassador in a unique context. In addition, we can make the ambassador available for video conferences or have them autograph items that you will give to your customers. There is no limit to our creativity in making your association with your ambassador a winner! 

The sports ambassador is a recognized public figure who is committed to promoting a brand to its already loyal audience and to a target clientele in order to grow it. They are involved in a collaboration with a brand or company because of their ability to influence the behavior of their subscribers and consumers, who trust them, in order to generate sales of the advertised products or services. The main difference between a star ambassador and an influencer on social networks is that the first one has more advantages, since it has both an engaged audience but benefits from an additional notoriety outside the social networks since it enjoys a public recognition and in the big media what the pure influencer does not have. 

At MVP Group, we help you develop a partnership strategy with any professional, Olympic, or celebrity athlete in Canada to help your business grow and develop.  Find out more about our Brand Ambassador Services.

A brand ambassador and a spokesperson have one very important thing in common, they are recognized by the general public due to their popularity generated by their glorious backgrounds and exceptional talents in their field. They enjoy great admiration in society, popularity and a large fan base because of their stories, their prowess combined with their often charismatic personalities. 

The brand ambassador will be associated with your products or services directly through advertising campaigns and content production. They can be associated with brand awareness or direct sales strategies. 

In the case of a spokesperson, their mandate is to generate media coverage, conduct interviews and carry a message for your company. Often equipped with the ability to communicate on camera, they will be able to attract the attention of journalists and be your messenger. At MVP Group, we will help you develop a communications strategy to write a press release, organize a press conference, and convene the media. We can assign a dedicated press officer or work closely with your media relations resource. The spokesperson will integrate the key messages related to your company and will be able to deliver them to the media through a series of interviews.  

Often, professional athletes and sports celebrities recommended by MVP Group consultants can serve as both ambassadors and spokespeople. However, depending on your objectives, it will be clear which functions your sports star will engage in to help you shine and grow in the marketplace.


An ambassador who is likely to stay with you for a long time and produce results must first and foremost be someone who appreciates your brand, product or service. Their objective: to communicate their enthusiasm and satisfaction in the market and on their social networks. To maximize the impact, it is important that the campaign is carried out in a natural and authentic way as much as possible in his opinions and comments.


Your brand ambassador has a large audience and influence. He will be active on his social networks or his blog according to the strategy established together in order to make your brand known. He will maintain privileged exchanges with his audience and with your brand's followers in order to increase your sales and your recognition. They may also participate in public or private events to represent your brand and your company.  They will play an active role in your promotion and marketing. Sometimes, consumers will remember your products or services because of the name and strong image of your ambassador.  In short, his notoriety adds to the notoriety of your company! 

Brand ambassadors can make a significant contribution to your marketing strategy. In addition to humanizing your company, they have a real potential to create a favorable impression on your current and prospective customers. Their power of influence gives you great visibility and allows you to promote your brand by drastically reducing territorial limits and increasing your traffic online, on your social networks and in stores.


Do you want to develop an effective and sustainable brand ambassador strategy? At MVP Group, our extensive network of sports contacts and marketing expertise will help you achieve your business and communications objectives. Contact us to learn more!