Would you like to offer your employees or even your clients a unique activity with sports celebrities? Are you planning to organize an event that will develop bonds between your employees and increase their sense of belonging? Are you planning a development workshop, training, a shoulder-to-shoulder lake, a sports activity or a motivational event? At MVP Group, we have everything you need to offer a memorable experience to your participants. We specialize in organizing customized sports events with a sports icon for companies that want to create a unique moment for their clients, partners, or employees. If you want to promote team spirit, recognition and fun, a team building activity combined with the presence of a sports personality could be just what you need!

Why organize a team building activity?

Team building or customer relations activities have many advantages. Among other things, they allow you to mobilize your team and strengthen the ties with your employees, clients or suppliers during a dynamic and special moment. Depending on the activity chosen, several positive repercussions can be felt within your group. Here are some of them:

  • Easier communication to foster shared vision and leadership;
  • More efficient and productive collaboration;
  • Increased trust between team members and a better understanding of the importance of each person's contribution;
  • Increased overall motivation.

In fact, team building allows you to strengthen the bonds between participants during an activity, so that they increase their productivity, sense of belonging and even their pride in your organization. 


If the team building approach in general has many advantages, these moments allow, among other things, to contribute to build the confidence of your employees and customers towards your company and to allow them to get to know each other outside of a work setting. An activity of this kind or a customized sports event like these will serve as a motivational activity in addition to being a perfect opportunity to have fun.


Choosing a corporate sports activity encourages participants to show leadership and maximize each other's involvement. Group members not only have the opportunity to compete in a friendly manner with others, but also with themselves. They are made aware of their strengths and weaknesses on which they can improve. They will develop their self-esteem and will then be able to surpass themselves. This is even more special when a sports celebrity or legend is present as a teammate and motivator. 

The practice of sport emphasizes several values, which are similar to the values of corporate life. These include leadership, teamwork, discipline, inclusion and perseverance. Sport can also be aligned with your company's workplace health and wellness management policies. You can then contribute to a work environment that promotes physical and mental health and healthy lifestyles.

Note that the sports activity that you organize can be part of an objective to develop values that can then be transposed within your company. Participants who flourish during this event will have an excellent chance of continuing to flourish at work.


To ensure the success of your team building activity, it is important to have a high participation rate. To encourage them to join, you must propose an exciting activity that fits with the interests of your participants.


At MVP Group, we are able to involve renowned sports celebrities and athletes from different fields. We will advise you and get involved in the entire organization process by involving your employees. The presence of a sports star at your event will stimulate curiosity and bring a dose of prestige. The involvement of your participants from the beginning of the planning of the activity and in the choice of your sports celebrity will have a favorable impact on the success of your event.


In addition to the participation rate, there are a few elements to consider in order to offer a positive experience to your team. The theme or the sport chosen will contribute to the activity being engraved in your employees' fondest memories. Make your event a resounding success with a guest of honor or a renowned sports entertainer. At MVP Group, we help you identify the personality that best suits your objectives so that you can create a unique moment for your clients, partners, or employees. They can also continue the celebrations by concluding the day with a cocktail reception, a conference or a question and answer period!

Your team members are teleworking and you would like to provide them with the opportunity to get together to get to know each other better? A virtual team building can be organized and presented by a well-known Quebec media facilitator to break the isolation of your workers. Your employees will be more united and their morale and motivation will increase, which will have a direct impact on their productivity. A human connection, even from a distance, helps give participants a sense of trust and inclusion within the team. A group that communicates with ease is better equipped to work together!

Strengthen the bonds between your employees, your clients or your partners thanks to a team building activity or an unforgettable event including a well-known sports personality. Relying on a convivial experience will allow you to show your appreciation to your participants for their good work on a daily basis. Organizing such occasions on a regular basis will help retain your employees. To learn more about this service and our available options (event concept proposal, creation of a photo or video souvenir, etc.), contact us!


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