MVP Group propose the best Sport Key Note Speakers in Quebec

Communication Skills
Corporate Culture
How to stay on Top
Humility in Success
Individual mobilization
Objectives Driven
Performing under pressure
Sense of Humor
Team Management
Team Spirit
Winning Mindset
Women's Empowerment

Aleksandra Wozniak

Former WTA player

Steve Bégin

Former Montreal Canadiens player / Keynote Speaker / Ambassador

Patrice Bernier

Former Captain Montreal Impact / Speaker / Ambasssador / Guest of honour

Alexandre Bilodeau

2 x Olympic Champion / Speaker / Ambassador

Joël Bouchard

Key Note Speaker / Former NHL player and Coach / TV Analyst

Guy Boucher

Keynote Speaker / Assistant Coach Toronto Maple Leafs

Hassoun Camara

Former MLS player / Speaker / TV Host

Kim Clavel

Boxer - World Champion

Marie-Eve Dicaire

World Boxing Champion / Speaker / Host / Ambassador

Eric Gagné

Former MLB Pitcher / Keynote Speaker / Ambassador

Sylvain Guimond

Sports psychology Doctor / Speaker

Nathalie Lambert

Nathalie Lambert

Pierre Lavoie

Motivational Speaker / Triathlon Athlete / Founder Le Grand Défi

Chantal Machabée

First woman to present a sports bulletin on television • Vice President of Communications for the Montreal Canadiens • Sports commentator • Speaker • Animator

Kristel Ngarlem

Weighlifting athlete / Canadian champion / Olympic Athlete

Mylène Paquette

Keynote Speaker / Rower / Adventurer

Manon Rhéaume

Speaker / TV Analyst / Former Professional Hockey Player

Joannie Rochette

Speaker / Olympic medalist / Dr in Medecine / Former Figure Skater

Katerine Savard

Olympic Swimmer / Speaker / Actress

Marianne St-Gelais

Multiple Olympic Medalist / Speaker / Ambassador

Bruny Surin

Bruny Surin

Maxime Talbot

Former NHL player / Keynote speaker / TV Analyst

Sports celebrities have extraordinary life stories that can inspire and motivate anyone. At MVP Group, we are able to offer you several celebrity 
speakers who will make a difference in the professional or personal lives of your participants in virtual or face-to-face formats. Our speakers share their values and qualities with humility and generosity. They will talk about communication and team management, leadership, resilience, mobilization, discipline and perseverance. A close parallel is established between these values which are required to reach the top of one's art, and this, as much in a sport discipline as in business success or in life in general.

When you engage one of our keynote speakers, you will receive a customized speech that addresses your issues and objectives in your business context. First, we normally set up a video call between our speaker and your management team to understand your company's expectations of our speaker. The following topics are often covered: 

  • Perseverance;
  • Team spirit;
  • Leadership;
  • The importance of having a plan;
  • Recovering from failure;
  • Achieve your goals;
  • Stand out from the competition;
  • Staying on top in a competitive world.
  • Mobilization of individuals in an organizational culture
  • Team management and effective communication
  • Develop self-esteem and the importance of team recognition

At MVP Group, we will do everything we can to meet your expectations and make a difference in your organization.

World champion boxer Marie-Eve Dicaire delivered her inspiring lecture at a financial institution's annual conference.

Sports celebrities are able to convey many values that apply to both sports and business. These include teamwork, discipline and perseverance. Your speaker, who has gone through many hardships to reach the top of their sport, knows how to pass on his learning to your conference participants. Because of his fame and glory, he also has the advantage of being able to evoke a positive and unique emotion in his listeners, even before they have met him! He often already has the recognition and love of the audience.

 The benefits of organizing a conference

An MVP Group keynote speaker, trainer, or motivational speaker is a speaker whose goal is to motivate, inspire, and even transform his or her audience. His or her words of encouragement can have an impact on the daily lives of his or her audience in many ways. By organizing a conference for your employees or partners, you are offering them the chance to learn and improve from a sports legend who will share his secrets and advice. 

A conference can therefore be used to stimulate change within your team, to mobilize your peers or collaborators for a new strategy or an objective to be reached, etc. Your participants will definitely come away enriched from this meeting.  Add this activity to your training or teambuilding days to offer your colleagues a unique day they will remember for a long time.

Do you want to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for your company's staff? To achieve this, you need to choose the right person to make your conference motivating for your troops. MVP Group consultants will make recommendations based on the following criteria that you should consider when making your decision:
The amount you are able to pay for your conference will necessarily have an impact on the selection of your speaker, trainer or motivator. Indeed, the notoriety and experience of the latter have an impact on the rates. Be sure to determine your budget, and then pass it on to the people you will be contacting to guide your search. At the MVP Group, we will guide you through this process and direct you to the personalities that best suit your company.
Determine who your conference is for and what your objectives are. This information is essential to choosing the profile of your speaker and his or her speech. Define your audience, the average age of your audience, the seniority of the people within the company, their internal status or the profile of your customers or suppliers who will attend the conference. 
Get the results you want by relying on one of Quebec's leading sports speakers. At MVP Group, we represent a number of speakers and sports stars who have the reputation to motivate and inspire groups from various backgrounds. You can choose from among our celebrities who have exceptional experience in sharing their learnings and their glorious careers.
Does your team consist of individuals who speak only French or English? At MVP Group, we can put you in touch with one or more important people in the world of sports who can offer you a conference in English, in French, or in both languages, depending on your needs.
What do you want your participants to take away from their conference? Do you want them to improve their relationships with colleagues, increase their productivity and sense of belonging, and develop their potential as human beings?  These are all goals that MVP Group's sports speakers can help you achieve. 
A good speaker is first and foremost someone who knows how to convey his or her message in a way that captures and touches the audience. Our star speakers have the ability to make you think, laugh and even cry. They are also able to adapt and customize their talk to fit your business context and objectives. To select the right sports celebrity to captivate your participants, contact a member of our team! We are able to arrange video calls with the selected speaker to understand your objectives and customize their performance.
Whether all your employees or partners live in the same area or not, you may be interested in a virtual conference. In addition to allowing the members of your group to attend the event, no matter where they are, videoconferencing has the advantage of requiring little space and quick organization. There is no need to rent a room or plan transportation and accommodation for participants, for example. The costs of the conference will be lower.

Depending on your needs, your objectives and the time you have available, you may choose to follow up the conference with an advanced workshop. This training will allow your guests to put into practice what they have learned from your sports speaker and to work on their strengths and weaknesses. 

Interested in hosting a motivational and inspirational conference with a sports icon or legend or would like more information? Contact us for more information!