Hassoun Camara

Former MLS player / Speaker / TV Host

Luc Gélinas

Sports Journalist / Host

Bruno Gervais

Former NHL Player • RDS Hockey Analyst • Animator • Speaker

Marc Griffin

Sports commentator - Former pro Baseball player

Louis Jean

Professional Host / Sport Journalist

Michel Lacroix

Host / NHL Announcer

Maxime Lalonde


Nathalie Lambert

Nathalie Lambert

Yanick Lévesque

Animator / Producer

Chantal Machabée

First woman to present a sports bulletin on television • Vice President of Communications for the Montreal Canadiens • Sports commentator • Speaker • Animator

Elizabeth Rancourt

TV Sports Animator

Paul Rivard

TV host and analyst

Your company wants to organize a corporate event, a convention, or simply celebrate something big? Do you want to make this occasion memorable for your audience? MVP Group offers companies privileged access to a multitude of professional or Olympic athletes and sports celebrities to become the guest of honor or emcee for your event. Whether you want to please your employees, colleagues, or clients, increase the participation rate of your events, or attract new clients, the MVP Group offers a solution that has made its mark.

What is a guest of honor?

A guest of honour is essentially a public figure of great renown who associates and participates in your event by taking on a major role. It can be a public sports personality who will be pleased to meet your participants and have their picture taken with them in your corporate environment. We offer you the opportunity to have a member of the Montreal Canadiens, an Olympic medalist, an active athlete of all sports or a great sports legend, among others.

At MVP Group, we are able to give you access to the most illustrious personalities and sports icons in Quebec and Canada, as well as to members of the sports media, who can play the role of guest of honor or presenter at your corporate events.

Why use a guest of honor for your event?

Wondering about the benefits of having a guest of honor at your business event? You should know that these sports personalities are happy to share their values and glorious stories with your participants. Indeed, our celebrities holding a public recognition and notoriety in the sports world not only add a memorable element to your event that can cause a real buzz, but also allows you to create unique moments with your guests in proximity.

The guest of honor that you will select will appeal to the participants of the event who may or may not be interested in sports and will be able to discuss with them and their exceptional career paths will not leave anyone indifferent.  He will increase the interest of your guests towards your activity and will bring, by his words and his image, inspiration and motivation to your participants. Their positive impact will make your employees loyal to your company, your values or your objectives. Moreover, the notoriety of our guests of honor and their integration in your corporate environment will have the effect of increasing your participation rate and the feeling of belonging of your employees and your customers. In addition, you can immortalize your events with our content creation, photo and video capture services, which will reinforce your employer brand.

Why entrust the animation of your corporate event to a renowned sports animator?

You wish to maximize the positive impact of your business meeting on its participants with a professional animation? Entrust this mandate to one of our experienced and well-known sports entertainers who will be able to best enhance your company's objectives for the occasion! At MVP Group, we collaborate with sports celebrities from here and abroad as well as with the most renowned sports journalists from the largest sports television networks. Among them, we are sure to find the ideal presenter to meet your needs, whether your event is virtual or in person.

If you don't know which entertainer to choose, a member of our team will take the time to discuss with you so that we can make the appropriate recommendations based on the type of entertainment desired and the context of your event. So, no matter what your knowledge of sports is, we are here to advise you and choose the best sports celebrity for your needs.

If you would like to enjoy more than just entertainment and would like one of our sports personalities to share their life experience and glorious journey, we also offer the service of speakers and motivators.

Want to learn more about having a sports guest of honour for your corporate event? Contact us to find the right professional or Olympic athlete for your company or brand!