Do you want to increase your sales through a social media campaign with sports stars? Using sports influencers is an advantageous solution to help you reach your sales objectives. Influencer-athletes are very well known and credible in the market. They have direct channels of communication with a vast clientele, which is sure to contribute to the success of your social marketing campaigns. At MVP Group, we collaborate with many sports celebrities with authentic profiles and large networks of followers.



What is a sports influencer?

Sports influencers are professional athletes, active or retired Olympians who are strongly established in the digital culture. They are content creators on social networks, in particular, and put themselves on stage every day to promote products or services to their numerous and loyal followers. Whether they work on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or Snapchat among others, they sometimes make product placements in their publications and act as intermediaries between a company and its potential customers. Depending on their audience, they may participate in campaigns on various product categories (car, fashion, telecom, financial institution, travel, gastronomy, culture, sports, etc.). Through the endorsement of a brand and its products and services, they become effective communication vectors for a company and affect the buying behavior of consumers through different channels.

What are the most popular social networks in Quebec?

To reach your objectives, you must target sports influencers who are particularly active on the most visible social networks. The Entreprises Québec website reveals that Facebook, the most popular network in the world, is used by more than 5.49 million users in Quebec who follow, among others, the publications of private companies or public organizations. CEFRIO, a now closed research and innovation organization, reported in 2018 that the 3 favorite social networks of Quebecers were Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, with 70%, 64% and 24% of adults using them respectively. Yet Instagram and Twitter are the most used social networks by athletes. 

How to collaborate with an influencer?

Collaborating with a sports influencer allows you to transmit a message through an ambassador who has already earned the trust of his audience. This means you can more effectively reach the audience that is likely to purchase your products. Teenagers and young adults, for example, are likely to want to adopt the same lifestyle (clothing, beauty products, hobbies, etc.) as their sports idols whom they "follow". It is by letting their followers become part of their daily life that sports influencers, thanks to product placements, can have an impact on Internet users' consumption, on your notoriety and on your direct sales.

To collaborate with a sports influencer, it is important that your brand values are compatible with those of your ambassador in order to develop a lasting and profitable partnership. At MVP Group, we will ensure that your business collaboration remains both enjoyable and beneficial, and that your opinion leader represents you.

The sports celebrity: a natural influencer

These celebrities have a strong power of influence. Indeed, they are already very present on social media and use their reputation to gain visibility and solidify their online reputation. They also enjoy excellent notoriety through their outstanding athletic careers and polarizing popularity. They are also in high demand with traditional media (TV, newspapers, radio, etc.). If they are wisely integrated into the brand's marketing strategies, they generate more profits and allow for significant growth during campaigns thanks to a strong commitment from their subscribers.

At MVP Group, we collaborate with many sports celebrities so that you can engage your target audience and achieve the desired results for your brand. 

The different types of collaboration

There are many ways to use the services of a sports influencer to benefit your brand. This includes different types of collaboration, including the following:

  • Sending products: these products can be destined for video unboxing or to be tested in order to give an opinion on their quality, functioning and efficiency.
  • Sponsored content: this content, whether written or visual, is created strategically and by the influencer-sportsperson in order to highlight a specific product or service of a company to promote and sell it.
  • Affiliation: it allows the sports influencer to receive a remuneration directly linked to the sales he generates. It can be associated with the sending of products and sponsored content for maximum results.
  • Co-creation: this partnership combines the qualities and advantages of the company and the influencer to create a value-added product that will resonate strongly with consumers who subscribe to the personality's social networks.

How to choose the best sports influencer?

The influencer-sportsperson who will bring the most advantageous results for your company is the one who has been carefully selected. At MVP Group, we are able to advise you on several potential ambassadors, in accordance with your company's needs. Here are a few criteria to consider in your decision making:

The community

Sports influencers have an effect on an audience that can be medium, large, specific or broad. Depending on your target audience and the personas you want to reach on social networks, we will advise you on the best choice. We will then evaluate the number of subscribers and the engagement rate of the influencer's community to ensure that we meet your expectations.

The image

The image of the influencer-sportsperson must share the same values as your brand while showing authenticity. His personality must be in line with your company to maintain your reputation and achieve an effective partnership.


A quality sports influencer is one who is committed to the partnership and believes in your brand. They must be eager to make you look good, but also be enthusiastic about recommending your products, which they sincerely like, to their followers.

360° influencers

Some sports influencers, as professional athletes and sports stars, have a particularly strong media presence and their image goes far beyond social networks. They can be found on radio or television, for example, and can be excellent spokespersons, brand ambassadors or motivational speakers.

Contact us now to consult us and start your next influence campaign and business partnership with one or more stars of the sports world!