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Elizabeth Rancourt has been a TV host and sports journalist for 13 years 'Beat reporter' the Montreal Canadiens and an NHL game host at TVA Sports.

In 2005, she obtained her BAC from McGill University in Management Entrepreneurship Profile
That same year, she set up her business. A clothing store, located in Vermont, which she managed for four years.
At the same time, in 2006-2007, she completed the Promédia school’s training.
In 2007, she was hired by TQS Montréal as a news reporter.
In 2008, she was recruited by TVA’s Canal Argent as a business journalist-reader.
From 2008 to 2011, she will work on several platforms at TVA: at Salut-Bonjour, Tva Nouvelles and LCN as a journalist and reader.
In 2011, his journalistic career took a major turn. She agreed to join the new channel Tva Sports, as a sports journalist.
From 2011 to 2014, she will be assigned to cover the Montreal Impact and other sporting events.
In 2015, she made the big leap to cover the Montreal Canadiens.
In January 2021, she became one of the first Francophone women to host NHL hockey games. A challenge that will be short-lived, since on his return from a second maternity, a final vote of confidence awaited him: animation.
Since September 2021, she has co-hosted the evening show: The Post-Game with Dave Morissette