Aleksandra Wozniak is a former professional tennis player who has shone on the international scene for more than 10 years, both individually and through her numerous appearances with the Canadian women's team. In 2008, she became the first Quebecer in history to win a WTA title with a victory at the Stanford tournament. She is considered a pioneer in the world of Quebec tennis, and it is easy to say that she has paved the way for an entire generation of players. With her 40 Fed Cup victories, Wozniak is the most victorious player in the history of the Canadian national team.

With an incredible athletic career, Aleksandra Wozniak is an unparalleled model of resilience and relentlessness. Retired since 2018, she now devotes her time to the tennis academy she founded in 2020. An exceptional teacher who now passes on her knowledge and experience to good purpose.