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Joannie Rochette is without a doubt one of the most outstanding athletes in figure skating and Olympic sports. At the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, the 2009 Vice World-Champion and six-time Canadian Champion made headlines from coast-to-coast for her perseverance as she became a star for her desire to shine through tragedy.

Just days before her competition a the Games, while practicing for the short program, she was told that her mother had died in a Vancouver hospital after traveling to see her perform. Conflicted and enduring a severe emotional shock, she didn’t hold back: the Île-Dupas native registered an astonishing 71.36 point performance - a personal best - and won the bronze medal. An astonishing feat.

Following her performance, Joannie was designated flag bearer at the closing ceremony of the Games. For her determination and humility through adversity, she was named Canadian Press Female Athlete of the Year (2010) and was co-recipient of the very first Terry Fox Award (2010) , along with Slovenian cross-country skier Petra Majdič.

Her brilliant career on the international scene is immortalized by 11 medals on the Grand Prix circuit of the International Skating Union and three more at the Four Continen Championships.

Joannie, however, realizes her most cherished dream is her first appearance at the Turin Olympics in 2006, where she finished fifth and surpassed her goal of placing in the top ten.

Involved in multiple causes, Joannie collaborated with organizations such as World Vision (Peru in 2009, Honduras in 2011), Right to Play (Rwanda, 2013) in addition to being involved in the iHeartMom (University of Ottawa) campaign, the Foundation for heart disease, the Montreal Heart Institute, the Bruny Surin Foundation and We Day.

In 2011, she made her first steps in the artistic world by launching her first ever training DVD, "With Heart and Passion". A few years later, she voiced the character of Rochelle in the popular cartoon Disney's planes.

Joannie has been part of the Stars On Ice tour since the spring of 2005 and takes part in several tours every year throughout the world, particularly in Asia and Europe. Still very active in figure skating, she’s a graduate in Nature Sciences from Collège André-Grasset. She is currently studying medicine at Montreal’s McGill University.