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SÉBASTIEN TOUTANT proud ambassador of E-SURF

This summer, follow in the footsteps of the snowboarding champion Sébastien Toutant, multiple Olympic and X Games medallist, and have fun on lakes and rivers with the E-Surf Sports electric wakeboard: a top-quality board fabricated in Quebec and it's entirely made of carbon fibre. This 100% electric product offers an adrenalin-charged experience that lets you navigate any body of water while complying with environmental laws that increasingly ban gasoline engines.

For its season launch, the local company E-Surf is proud to collaborate with international snowboarding star Sébastien Toutant as an ambassador, to introduce Quebecers to its electric boards. Seb Toutant is an exceptionally talented athlete whose commitment to excellence reflects the values of this Quebec-based company, which enables him to transpose snowboarding skills onto the water. 

With its fast and intuitive operation, the E-Surf board is easy to maneuver, transport and store, unlike a personal watercraft or boat. This innovative electric solution, designed and manufactured in a Montreal factory, lets you enjoy an exciting sport without the need for a boat to create waves, while preserving the purity of our lakes. E-Surf is the ultimate eco-friendly alternative for all water sports enthusiasts and free-riders.

E-Surf's commitment to creativity and positive impact guides it in all its initiatives. Sébastien Toutant's participation as ambassador was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the MVP Group.



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