CHANTAL MACHABÉE, in high demand this spring season

Chantal Machabée is an emblematic figure in the field of sports journalism. She generously shared her inspiring journey as a woman evolving in a traditionally male environment, during two conferences in Montreal during a close period.

With more than 30 years of success as a renowned journalist at RDS and recently named vice-president of communications for the Montreal Canadiens, Chantal Machabée won over an audience of more than 150 people gathered at the Bell Center, in the restaurant La Mise gambling.

After her lecture, she generously took the time to meet the participants, discuss and take photos with the audience. His charisma and generosity won everyone's hearts!

The atmosphere was in perfect harmony with Chantal Machabée's childhood idol, Guy Lafleur, symbolized by magnificent photos of the "Blonde Demon" in the background.

She also shared her journey at a conference at Club Saint-James in Montreal.

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