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GUY CABONNEAU starring in McDonald's new commercial with MARC BERGEVIN

(On the picture: Catherine Richard, producer at Septième production (Cossette), Simon Arsenault, President MVP Group, Guy Carbonneau and Marc Bergevin during the shooting of the McDonald's commercial)

McDonald's - Big Marc presents the Big Mac!

For the past few seasons, McDonalds and the Cossette agency have been presenting us with superb advertising campaigns featuring a Canadiens player. After Gallagher, Petry, Weber and Drouin, it's now the turn of the Canadiens' general manager Marc Bergevin to be the star of the Big Mac commercials.

A series of video clips were unveiled last night and one of them required a "legend" to promote the classic burger. It is in collaboration with the MVP Group, a marketing firm representing several former Habs players, and the Cossette agency that Guy Carbonneau was chosen to play this role.

''Many legends of the Canadiens had the job profile for this ad but the imminent induction into the Hall of Fame of the former #21 placed Carbonneau in a very attractive position at this time of the year. Moreover, he will not have disappointed with his acting skills", said MVP Group President Simon Arsenault.

The time capsule has a nice surprise in store for us... to be seen!