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Marianne St-Gelais was a fan-favourite at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. She believed in herself more than everyone else had and that led her to win two silver medals at the Games. In Sochi, four years after her first Olympic feats, she once again captured the silver medal at the 3000m relay with her teammates. A medal that is particularly close to her heart because it the result of team work. The excellent performances displayed by the women's team earned  Marianne and her mates the Mauritius "Partners of the Year" award as part of the Gala Sports Quebec 2014.

Marianne is a dedicated athlete with a bright personality and a disarming honesty. For her, winning cannot be achieved without pleasure. In fact, she always trains with a smile on her face. Her career demonstrates the importance of self-confidence, first and foremost.

In 2011, she won both events (500m and 1000m) at the Saguenay World Cup in front of her hometown fans and contributed significantly to Canada's second place in the women's relay. Her 2012-2013 season briought her two milestones: she broke her own Canadian record in the 500m (42.6 seconds) and she secured a silver medal in the 3,000m at the World Championship in Debrecen, Hungary, an enviable accomplishment for a sprint specialist. During a visit to Asia for the first World Cup event in Shanghai in the 2013-2014 season, Marianne shined with a bronze medal in the 500m final.

In her 2015-2016 season, she won her first ever World Champion title (1,500m) and vice-world champion (overall)... not counting the three gold medals, six silver and four bronze cherished over the season! She also had an exceptional pre-Olympic season, having won eight medals, including three silver at the World Championships, in addition to the enviable title of vice-world champion in cumulative events for her 2016-2017 season!

Despite the fact that the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games did not go as well as expected, Marianne showed the world her confidence, her resilience, her ability to bounce back, but most of all, her team spirit. She put aside her personal results to act as a mentor on the team.

Although the three-time Olympic medalist has hung up her skates, she continues to build another passion: communications.

International wins:

  • Olympic Winter Games:
    2018 - 16th (500m), 18th (1500m), 8th (3000m relay), 11th (1000m);
    2014 - 7th (500m), 28th (1000m), 22nd (1500m), SILVER (relay 3000m);
    2010 - SILVER (500 m), SILVER (relay 3000 m)
  • ISU World Championships:
    2018 - BRONZE (3000m relay), 8th (500m), 11th (1000m), 37th (1500m);
    2017 - SILVER (500 m), SILVER (1000 m), SILVER (1500 m), 5th (3000 m relay); 2016 - SILVER (500 m), 6th (1000 m), GOLD (1500 m), SILVER (relay 3000 m); 2015 - 6th (500m), 19th (1000m), 9th (1500m), 5th (3000m relay);
    2014 - 7th (500m), 10th (1000m), 16th (1500m), SILVER (relay 3000m);
    2013 - 4th (500 m), 19th (1000 m), BRONZE (1500 m), SILVER (relay 3000 m); 2012- 4th (relay 3000 m); 2011 - 7th (500m), 7th (1000m), 18th (1500m), BRONZE (relay 3000m); 2010 - BRONZE (500 m), 16th (1000 m), 19th (1500 m), SILVER (relay 3000 m)

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