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STEVE BÉGIN is back home for a conference on school perseverance

The former Val d'Or Foreurs player was back in the city that welcomed him during his junior time to give an inspiring talk on school perseverance.

February 18, 2020 was special as hundreds of people had the chance to attend an inspiring conference by Steve Bégin as part of Hooked on School Days. Members of the Val-d'Or Chamber of Commerce, students from the Centre de formation professionnelle de Val-d'Or and secondary 2 players from the Quebec School Hockey League were all able to take full advantage of this unforgettable experience. The former Montreal Canadiens warrior gave a beautiful testimony about his difficult teenage years, his sports career and his high school graduation at the age of 40.

A presentation that appealed to all audiences due to the speaker's great ability to adapt and understand them:

"Steve is a great example of perseverance when you look at his many accomplishments. He has been very generous with his time and people have been delighted everywhere he has gone. The event was definitely a success on all fronts," says Vallée-de-l'Or team coordinator Danielle Lacroix.

See an overview of Steve Bégin's visit to Val-d'Or: