MVP Group Agency - Providing Access to Sport Icons

The MVP Group is launched / article Journal de Montréal - Mathieu Boulay

Montreal, October 21, 2016 - Prior to the press conference for the Lemieux-Rios duel, Simon Arsenault, in collaboration with Camille Estephan, announced the creation of the MVP Group.

This new firm, which will specialize in the events and representation sectors, will attempt to stand out in an environment that is already very competitive.

"We want to ensure the accessibility and influence of sports icons in the corporate and community sectors," said MVP's founding president, Simon Arsenault, during his speech.

In fact, he presented a list of 40 sports celebrities from Quebec, including Georges St-Pierre, David Lemieux, Alexandre Bilodeau and Alexandre Despatie, who have agreed to join the ranks of his new organization.

There are also several members of the Canadiens' organization, including Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien, who have given their support to the project.

Mathieu Boulay

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