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Bruny Surin delivers a motivational speech

Montreal, Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - Former Canadian track and field glory, Bruny Surin, took the time to address the employees of technology firm Tracktik Software Inc. After a brilliant and thought-provoking speech, the Olympic sprinter was able to deliver a motivating message to the employees present at the Manoir des Laurentides.

On this beautiful day, many of the company's workers were gathered at the conference offered by Bruny Surin. The objective of his presentation was to stimulate the employees in relation to the future realization of several projects and to give them valuable introspection tips.

Tracktik is an innovative group that wants to revolutionize the security operations management industry. It develops software and technologies to protect corporate systems in a constantly changing world. The company constantly encourages its members to surpass themselves and to promote their ideas.

Bruny Surin was the perfect speaker for the occasion because of his inspiring Olympic background. He continues to be a model of courage and determination for all. Needless to say, his Olympic presence was an indispensable help to the many people on site, where a multitude of smiles hung on the lips of the guests.