JEAN PASCAL, BRUNY SURIN and FRANCIS BOUILLON participate to Expédition Extrême

Last summer, as part of the program Expédition Extrême, Jean PascalBruny Surin and Francis Bouillon had the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary experience on the sets of Z-Télé. A kayaking adventure in an isolated river in Quebec allowed them to get out of their comfort zone and get in touch with the wilderness.

For the occasion, the athletes had several challenges to face in extraordinary conditions. The main one being to go down a river with a high flow that embarrassed them many times. After several major obstacles such as the breakage of two of their kayaks, the participants made a difficult choice. They resigned themselves to spending the entire night in the forest and were therefore faced with a survival situation. They were dressed as simple drysuits and had no access to food.

With the help of their survival coach, Frédéric Dion, the sports personalities finally braved the bad weather and overcame the difficult river in front of them. A unique activity that tested their strength and composure.

To see a glimpse of their rewarding journey, watch the video below: