JOANNIE ROCHETTE is keynote speaker at Nespresso's corporate event

Montreal, Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - Joannie Rochette was at the Nespresso annual assembly to deliver an inspiring speech on her career path. For the occasion, the company's employees and senior executives were gathered in a reception room at "7 Doigts de la main" on St-Laurent Boulevard. An initiative of Altitude C in collaboration with MVP Group Agency.

The goal behind the hiring of the former figure skater was to motivate and stimulate the company's employees. Who better than Joannie Rochette to achieve this goal, she has a touching history and has always shown resilience, perseverance and courage. She delivered a captivating and very moving talk that included the loss of her mother on the eve of her performance at the Vancouver Olympic Games.

Following her presentation, people loved meeting her to congratulate her, to get to know her and to take pictures with her. It was a great event that was very much appreciated by both the members of Nespresso and the speaker herself. In addition to her talents as a speaker, the Olympic bronze medalist is now in the process of completing her medical studies at McGill University.