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Seven-to-ONE : 7 Pro Athletes dress up, strike a pose for a local clothing line

MONTREAL - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - MVP Group and seven sports celebrities partner with Vincent d'Amérique, one of Canada's largest men's clothing manufacturers, to launch their all-new Fall campaign on social media "Vincent d'Amérique: Cut for the movement".

The athletes who have chosen to join this campaign are: Kirk Muller, Brendan Gallagher, Nikita Sherbak, Paul Byron, Evan Bush, Patrice Bernier and Jean Pascal. The latter are wearing the most recent creations of designer-owner Michel Grondines.

The MVP Group contributed to the realization of this project by bringing together seven great athletes, divided into three sports and all brought together in a single day. Proud collaborators, we enabled the brand to carry out a major campaign that will not go unnoticed!

"Tailored for movement". This series of original social media photos by renowned photographer Sylvain Blais (winner of the prestigious "Best Creative Director" and "Best Cover" awards for Dress to Kill Magazine at the P&G Beauty Awards) features seven of today's most popular professional athletes.

According to him, it was natural to partner with athletes to represent the freedom of movement offered by Vincent d'Amérique's clothing. These athletes, among the most popular in Quebec, embody Michel Grondines' vision better than anyone else.

Here are the official photos of the campaign that will be broadcast on the social media of Vincent d'Amérique (@vincent_damerique) and the seven athletes.








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Photo Credits :
Campaign produced and directed by the Fabriq Agency for Vincent d'Amérique
Artistic Director: Sylvain Blais
Director of photography: Éric Lamothe
Photographer: Sylvain Blais
Stylist: Andrew McNally
Make-up : Martine L'Heureux
Producer: Louis-Philippe Thibodeau
Production Manager: Nancy Richard
Booking athletes: Simon Arsenault (MVP Group)
Video production: Nkosi Phanord and Steven Lecompte (Montrealgotsyle)
Public Relations: Felipe del Pozo (FelipeRP)