JOANNIE ROCHETTE and FRANCIS BOUILLON, spokepersons for the Best Buy Cup


February 4, 2019 (Montreal, Quebec) - Best Buy and Hockey Québec have joined forces for a 12th edition of the Best Buy Cup. This event, which brought together 95 Atom and Pee-wee hockey teams, both men's and women's, took place at the Centre de la Nature de Laval on the weekend of January 26 and 27, 2019.

For this edition of the largest outdoor hockey tournament in Quebec, two models of perseverance joined the activities; Olympian Joannie Rochette and Francis Bouillon, player development coach of the Montreal Canadiens.

"It's such an inspiring event. To see all these young players having fun is exactly what the sport is all about," says Rochette. "Seeing the players on the ice reminded me of my youth. At an event like this, their enthusiasm and perseverance are qualities that pay off and can be applied on and off the ice. "adds Francis Bouillon.

Best Buy is committed to Quebec's youth and is regularly involved in the community to encourage young people to surpass themselves and to help them overcome all challenges.

For Thierry Lopez, Marketing & Corporate Affairs Director, Quebec at Best Buy, "This edition of the tournament is a great demonstration of perseverance. We are proud to have hosted 14 all-female teams, 10% more than last year. It was an excellent opportunity for young players to experience the joys of outdoor hockey and create unforgettable memories."

96 teams were expected on ice for the cup, but following the pile-up on Highway 40 on Sunday afternoon in the Montreal area, some youngsters had to improvise a game on the highway. "We want to make a special mention for this team who captured the essence of this tournament, demonstrating the strength of team bonds and how to turn the negative into positive while showing the importance of spending time with family." added Thierry Lopez.

The tournament saw 24 teams from across the province proclaimed winners of the Best Buy Cup. Photos of the event are available by clicking on the link below. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain the official photos of the winning teams.

The participation of Joannie Rochette and Francis Bouillon was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the MVP Group.